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I will  never go near Windsor castle or it's town again.   It is an incredible place however it's local council has licenced clampers to extort Money from tourists. £120 to leave Windsor after paying for 6 hours parking and being 8 minutes late. Locally supported highway robbery! 

I feel that any person connected with Windsor should be ashamed by supporting this extortion.

We had planned on spending the weekend in windsor, due to family staying with us, however we returned home directly due to this unwelcome by the people of Windsor! 

I understand that you will probably not care about my disgust and the ruining of a rare day with my family due to the high revenues you receive from the clampers however we will never return.


Shane O'Halloran


By Shane10 at 07:52 on 14/08/11

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    I understand your disappointment, I too would be extremely angered to pay such amount. But Shane, clampers is not just restricted to Windsor only, you will find them everywhere, especially popular in tourist towns. You will also find in such towns, loads of wardens roaming about. My mother used to pick me from Windsor and she couldn't park her car for more than 3 minutes because she would be told to move by a warden!

    By Dani_Ehsan at 18:18 on 15/08/11

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    Shane is not the only one who has had the taste of Windsor hospitality this link
    takes you to a whole raft of people who's lasting memory of the town will not be the fantsatic tourist attractions and warm welcome from the good people of Windsor but of their clamping experience in Castle Street car park. The people and traders of Windsor need to waken up to the fact that they are losing business and popularity because of these unscrupulous people who are profiteers and rid themselves of this 's***'.. I wont be back and neither will my colleagues from Dubai who had up to the point of returning to our car, enjoyed their visit . We were less than 5 minutes over the ticket time and when we reached the car the clamp was already on and the clampers were taking photographs of the car. They had to return to their van for the paymnet machine which was parked in an even darker corner of the car park, where the could lie and wait for their prey. Good news travels slowly - bad news travels quickly.

    By lynnedry at 11:43 on 16/08/11

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    You were actually clamped? I think that's outrageous – a ticket may be (even for over staying by eight minutes it's a bit much but I'm sure the town hall would say rules are rules) but to be clamped is shocking. I like Windsor as a town a lot but the parking does put me off going more regularly.

    By MIKENEWS at 17:12 on 16/08/11

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    Being a few minutes late doesn't deserve a clamp down. The last I heard was local government received money to use in the Royal Borough and they asked local people on how the money should be spent. One of the key areas is improvement on car parking. I hope that they would review the clamping down system again and realise that it is doing more damage to the town's popularity than anything else!

    By Dani_Ehsan at 03:15 on 17/08/11


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